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What is the puppy rate and what age does it apply to?

Puppies are fun, loveable, full of energy, and often require a different level of care than older pets. That’s why some sitters may choose to charge a different rate for watching or walking puppies.


What age is considered a “puppy”?

Dogs under one year of age are considered puppies. If your sitter or dog walker has a special puppy rate for your chosen service, that rate may apply to your booking if your dog is under one year old.


How can I find a sitter’s puppy rate?

1. Navigate to the sitter’s profile and on the left, you’ll see a basic list of services they offer and their corresponding rates.

2. At the bottom of that list, select See additional rates.

Additional rates S UK euro.png

3. If the sitter has a special puppy rate, you’ll see it listed here. They may offer different rates for different services, so be sure to review each one.

You can always send them a message if you have questions about a specific sitter or dog walker's rates. For more details on contacting sitters and dog walkers, check out the related articles below:

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