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What questions should I ask my prospective sitter?

Great communication leads to great experiences. We want you to hit the road happy, knowing your pet is in good hands. Set your pet up for a safe and fun experience by asking these essential questions before your stay or walk begins:

Top 10 Questions for Your Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

  1. Will you be watching multiple pets at the same time? Is it yours or another pet's?
  2. What kind of exercise do you plan on giving my pet? How often and for how long?
  3. Will other people help care for my pet? If so, who are they and what kind of care will they provide?
  4. How often are you able to let my pet outside to use the bathroom?
  5. How much time will you be able to spend with my pet while I’m away?
  6. Will you send photos or other updates?
  7. Are you planning on offering treats or toys to my pet? What kind? (Make sure you disclose your pet's allergies and any unique behaviours with toys.)
  8. What will you do to make sure my pet has fun while they’re with you? What games do you play?
  9. What’s your experience caring for a pet like mine?
  10. What are you excited about? How can I help give you what you need for a great stay?

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